Dr. Florencio Tejerina created the first Breast Pathology Unit in Spain at the Provincial Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Madrid, in the 1960s, with the support of Professor Botella Llusiá.

In the mid-1970s, Dr. Armando Tejerina, son of Dr. Florencio Tejerina, founded the Breast Pathology Center with the aim of offering comprehensive treatment for breast cancer. Since its foundation, almost 40 years ago, it has distinguished itself for pursuing the highest diagnostic quality in the early detection of breast cancer, and for its determined commitment to incorporating the latest technological advances and the most advanced cancer treatments.

Our commitment to always having the most innovative medical advances, as well as the best professionals, together with a spirit of constant improvement in the scientific aspect, allows us to offer individualized treatment to each of our patients.

The Tejerina Foundation was created in 1998, as a non-profit entity, andit has since become a forum for the discussion, debate, and promotion of research and teaching projects related to health sciences. Its purposeis to promote, disseminate, and carry out research and teaching regarding cancer in general, and particularly breast cancer.

During the last 40 years, we have been pioneers in Spain in the incorporation of the most important diagnostic methods for the study of the breast, thus achieving an improvement in the early detection of breast cancer.

All the experience acquired over so many years has allowed approximately 50,000 women to have their breasts monitored and checkedeach year, which makes the Breast Pathology Center one of the great reference centers for breast worldwide.

Currently, a third generation of doctors, Antonio and Alejandro Tejerina, a surgeon and a radiologist, respectively, continue the work begun by their grandfather and father with the same spirit of work and commitment that make the Breast Pathology Center an international benchmark.