Hyaluronic acid is a molecule present in all living tissues, especially in the healthiest tissues, so the infiltration of this product into aging skin provides a greater degree of hydration and better skin quality. This type of infiltration can be used in the form of mesotherapy to achieve a facial revitalization that restores hydration and smoothness to the skin, while we draw different tension lines at strategic points to rejuvenate the expression.

For this treatment, we use cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which provides almost immediate results due to its magnificent moisturizing effect. Hyaluronic acid molecules are large and have the characteristic of absorbing large amounts of water, thus restoring our skin’s fresh and youthful appearance.

The objective is to improve the quality of the skin of the face and neck, although it is also applicable to other areas of skin sensitive to aging such as the hands. Brightness, elasticity, wrinkle reduction, and skin tightening are the objectives pursued.

The protocol for this product recommends three initial sessions separated by fifteen days, and one maintenance session every six months, although it always becomes a personalized treatment and it is the patients themselves who know best when they need the next session.