“US-CNB is the most widespread biopsy and is an accurate, safe and, in most cases painless, method”

Currently, ultrasoundguided CNB is the most frequently performed type of biopsy. It is a quick, safe procedure, well-tolerated by patients.

Core needle biopsies use cutting or tru-cut needles that are capable of obtaining a cylinder of histological tissue. They can be used under any imaging guide: stereotaxis, MRI, and ultrasound, although, with the development of vacuum biopsy systems, they are usually used under ultrasound guidance.

Any solid lesion with suspicion characteristics, even if low or indeterminate, if it shows ultrasound representation, will be a subsidiary of biopsy with this method.

A small amount of local anesthetic is injected and then cylinders are obtained with the cutting needle. The number of cylinders is variable depending on each case. This procedure, in most cases, is not painful.