Currently, lip modeling techniques have a very clear objective – natural results. Obtaining a beautiful mouth many times is not the result of large volume, but of repositioning the tissues, seeking a harmonious and proportionate balance.

The material that we use most frequently for this type of treatment is hyaluronic acid, which we deposit in small quantities through intradermal infiltrations, always after anesthesia. We can treat both the lips and the entire perioral region: “barcode” wrinkles on the upper lip, elevation of the corners, and filling of wrinkles in “puppet’s mouth”.

Hyaluronic acid is a completely harmless and biocompatible substance with all tissues. Lip implants made with this product usually have an average duration of eight to twelve months, but this varies depending on the number of previous applications and the lifestyle habits of each patient. Another great advantage of hyaluronic acid is its isovolemic degradation pattern, which allows us to assure patients that the filler we have implanted will maintain the initial volume for as long as we need it.This avoids having to do an initial overcorrection and we can enjoy the desired result from the first day.

Sometimes it is very practical to combine hyaluronic acid infiltrations with a medium depth phenol peel, which is the perfect complement to improve the skin surface.