At the Breast Pathology Center we have the first stereotaxic table with tomosynthesis installed in the world: AFFIRM PRONO.

This table allows biopsies to be performed more accurately and safely in relation to the previous generation tables, which shortens the procedure time, making it more bearable for the patient.

This is a type of biopsy that obtains a larger sample caliber than the CNB, using a vacuum system that helps obtain the sample.

These devices can be used, like the CNB, under any type of image guide, being the most frequent, by means of radiological stereotaxic guide. The type of lesions that we biopsy by this method are those that are seen on mammography and that we do not see on ultrasound, usually microcalcifications and distortions.

The stereotactic guide is based on the calculation of the location coordinates of a lesion, from the evaluation of the apparent displacements of the same in two mammographic images, obtaining the X, Y, and Z axes.