Breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy can sometimes limit the mobilization of the shoulder, arm, and upper limb.

Our physiotherapists are specialized in improving and accelerating your progress during the postoperative period to favor a quick recovery of your normal activity.

In accordance with our principles and philosophy, our goal is to make you feel like you did before treatment as soon as possible and recover your target activity.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a specific massage technique that aims to activate the superficial lymphatic system and venous return, to favor the elimination of accumulated fluid.

MLD is a gentle technique, with superficial and pleasant maneuvers that do not cause any pain.

In breast surgery, treatment begins as early as possible, and MLD can reduce the reabsorption time of postsurgical edema by half, improves tissue healing, and has an antalgic effect, which helps decrease post-surgical pain within the first few sessions.

A multilayer bandage is used as a complement to MLD in patients with lymphedema. It maintains the effects that we have achieved with MLD to prevent edema from increasing and favoring its decrease.

Neuromuscular bandage or Kinesiotape

It is a technique used for a variety of disorders, especially related to sports or overexertion. The effect of the bandage calms pain and increases lymphatic and blood flow.

For lymphedema, the bandage is placed in a certain position to produce an elevation of the skin, creating more space at the subcutaneous level where the lymph nodes are located, which facilitates the restoration of blood circulation and lymphatic evacuation. The patient’s movement also causes the kinesiotape to act like a pump that stimulates lymphatic circulation throughout the day.

Massage therapy (massages)

It consists of the use of different techniques and maneuvers to achieve different effects, the main ones being pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and activation of the blood and lymphatic system.

Myofascial therapy

Myofascial therapy is a branch of physiotherapy aimed at manual treatment of the most common disorders that affect the locomotor system as a consequence of surgical interventions, different types of trauma (fractures, sprains, strains, blows, etc., that cause pain and internal or external scarring, thus limiting movement), as well as due to changes related to a rheumatic, arthritic, or arthrosic process that affects the functioning of the spine, knees, shoulders, and other body joints.

In the treatment process, the physical therapist uses gentle stretching, sustained pressure, and special positioning to achieve mechanical changes in the body, thereby relieving pain and restoring impaired body function.

Osteopathic manual therapy

It seeks to regain lost body balance. For this, various therapeutic techniques are used: joint manipulations, muscle energy techniques, mobilization, stretching, functional, among many others. Treatment depends on a complete body evaluation, the type of lesion, and the patient.