Abbout prosthetic reconstruction

What is the ideal prosthesis?

In the same way that each woman is unique, there is a wide variety of implants to suit each woman. They differ according to size, shape, texture, and composition. Therefore, it is essential for the plastic surgeon to plan wellwhen choosing the ideal prosthesis.

What type of prostheses are there?

There is a wide range of breast prostheses. We will mainly differentiate them by their shape (round and anatomical), texture (smooth or rough), and content (saline solution or silicone gel).

Anatomical implants that resemble the shape of the breast are usually used in breast reconstruction and achieve a more natural result.

What is immediate reconstruction with adjustable implants?

Immediate reconstruction with adjustable implants allows for mastectomy and implant placement in a single surgery.Thevolume of the implants can be adjusted according to the needs of a woman’s body, her lifestyle, and her goal.

What are the advantages of immediate reconstruction with adjustable implants?

It is a shorter procedure (1-2 hours) compared to reconstruction with the patient’s own tissues (3-6 hours), and the postoperative recovery is faster.

By using adjustable implants, we have an anatomical shape from the beginning, a soft touch compared to breast expanders, and we can progressively increase volume to the ideal size.

How is the implant size calculated?

Reconstruction with breast implants is a dynamic process that involves individualized planning with your plastic surgeon.

The choice of implants is made according to height, weight, and chest width to achieve a shape and size proportionate to the woman’s body.

When do we use an expander?

In some cases, it is necessary to stretch the skin with an expander in order to achieve an adequate volume. For several weeks, saline solution will be injected through a special valve, in such a way that a volume similar to that of the breast is achieved through distension and expansion. The expander is replaced by a breast prosthesis a few months after completing the expansion, thus achieving a more natural shape and a softer touch.