“Lipodystrophy is the accumulation of fat in a certain areaof the body that alters the figure”

Liposuction is especially recommended for people of normal weight, with isolated areas of disproportionate concentrated fat compared to the rest of the body. These localized areas of fat are almost always hereditary and are not eliminated with diet or exercise, so liposuction is necessary to combat them.

Due to different physical factors, not everyone gets the same results with liposuction. For this reason, the first visit is essential to assess your case and to recommend the best treatment.

Who are candidates for liposuction?

You are a good candidate for liposuction if the fat is localized or you want a remodeling of any of the following parts of the body:

• Cheeks, double-chin, or neck
• Upper arms area
• Pectoral area
• Back
• Abdomen and waist
• Inner and outer thigh, hip, and buttocks
• Knees
• Ankles and calves

Liposuction can be practiced on different areas of the body at the same time and can also be performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures.

Liposuction can sometimes be used to treat gynecomastia (or male breast augmentation).


The fat is suctioned with small cannulas through tiny incisions near the area to be operated on. The surgeon models and shapes to remove excess fat.