“Through lipotransfer or lipofilling we provide volume and reshape the shape of the chest using fat from other areas of the body”

More and more women want to naturally increase or reshape their breasts. If you are looking for a discreet and natural breast augmentation it is possible today.

For this we can use the fat obtained from other parts of the body.

If fat transfer is chosen, there is no artificial implant and the end result will be much more similar to what it was before. However, natural breast augmentation with fat has limitations in terms of the size that we can obtain.

How is breast lipofilling performed?

First, we must select the areas of the body that are candidates for obtaining fat. We can choose one or more anatomical areas to obtain the fat (thighs, hips, abdomen, and legs).

Once we have planned where we are going to extract the fat, we will obtain it through liposuction, and later, we prepare and purify the fat cells so that they have the optimal conditions to proceed with the graft.

Both for obtaining fat and for introducing it into the breast, we use very fine cannulas that leave unnoticeable scars.

Other uses of breast lipofilling

We can use lipofilling to achieve a natural breast augmentation or for many other situations in breast plastic surgery:

• Correction of deformities in breast reconstruction
• Hybrid reconstruction (fat and prosthesis).
• Correction of breast malformations
• Breastfilling after implant removal

Frequently asked questions about lipofilling

How much volume can be increased?

150 to 250 cc of fat could be increased per breast in one session. If more volume is desired, another session is required.

What are the advantages compared to breast augmentation with implants?

– It is the patient’s own, natural tissue.
– It does not transfer any foreign device into the body.
– It is not necessary to carry out a replacement or undergo the usual complications of implants such as discomfort or capsular contracture.

Disadvantages and limitations of lipofilling

– In order to perform fat grafts, you must have sufficient fat donor areas in other parts of the body.
– It is not possible to achieve a significant breast augmentation, similar to that achieved with implants
– The consistency is softer compared to implants
– Cysts or microcalcifications may appear on mammograms.

Does lipofilling alter the interpretation of mammograms and other diagnostic tests?

It is important that you notify the staff of your medical history whenever a breast imaging study is performed and remind them that a lipofilling has been performed. Mammograms and other diagnostic tests can detect cysts and microcalcifications that can arise.