Most women may have a slight asymmetry in their breasts. However, in some cases this asymmetry is very evident and may require surgical treatment to correct it.

Breast asymmetry is defined as breasts that differ from each other in size, shape, height, arrangementon the chest, and diameter of the areola and nipple.

Breasts equalizing procedure

A thorough diagnosis must be made to identify the existing differences between breasts in order to try and correct them. We have many plastic surgery techniques available to correct them. The key is in the planning that we do to improve and equalize both breasts.

Lipotransfer or lipofilling can be a good option for cases of slight asymmetry. Breast implants using different volume prostheses in each breast can solve a wide range of cases of asymmetric breasts. When there are differences in height, it may be necessary to perform a breast lift. In cases of very evident volume difference, we can choose to perform a larger breast reduction.