Botulinum toxin (commonly known by its trade name, Botox) is one of the most important tools for today’s cosmetic doctor. It works by relaxing the muscles that cause expression wrinkles, giving the face a friendly and rested appearance.

The main indication of botulinum toxin is rejuvenation of the upper third of the face: it prevents expression wrinkles and facilitates a more cheerful look.

The main objective is to achieve a more harmonious distribution of the different facial elements (eyebrows, eyelids, etc.), resulting in a younger, and above all, more natural look, improving the appearance of a tired face.

After more than 10 years of experience with this product, the concept of “DYNAMIC BOTOX” is increasingly being talked about with greater force.It refers to the use of botulinum toxin as a dynamic facial rejuvenation instrument, intended for selective relaxation of the depressing muscles of facial expression, with which we obtain a happy and more jovial expression.