“Our goal is to obtain a high probability of cure with a very satisfactory aesthetic result”

Principles and benefits of oncoplastic surgery

Careful planning of each procedure with the patient.
Improving surgical radicality in conservative treatment.
Improving the aesthetic result.
Comprehensive approach from the beginning by a team of oncological surgeons and plastic surgeons.
Offering an immediate reconstruction with an oncoplastic approach has led to a significant improvement in the quality of life and recovery of women.

Progress in breast cancer and reconstructive surgery allows us to carry out surgical treatments which were unthinkable years ago.

Oncoplastic surgery is a new way of understanding breast surgery. With this approach, we remove the cancer with wide free margins and reshape the breast at the same time, achieving an improvement in the aesthetic result. Principles and techniques of plastic surgery are used in order to achieve this.

Oncoplastic surgery allows the chest to be preserved while maintaining a good plastic result, and it allows us to avoid subjecting the patient to a mastectomy in some cases. Through oncoplastic surgery, we reduce the negative psychological impact and increase patient satisfaction.