“Popularization of science, cancer research and development of the medical humanities.”

Dr. Armando Tejerina Gómez, Presidente de la Fundación.

The Tejerina Foundation was established on November 5, 1998, with the objective of “the promotion, development, protection, and dissemination of all kinds of studies, as well as procedures and research related to the health and life sciences, cancer in general, breast cancer especially, the development of medicine, law and the humanities, teaching, research, and innovation in health technologies”.

The Tejerina Foundation cannot be understood without talking about the Breast Pathology Center, founded in the 70s, under the scientific direction of Dr. Armando Tejerina, based on the experience of the first Breast Pathology Unit in Spain founded by his father, Professor Florencio Tejerina, in order to offer comprehensive assistance in this area of ​​medicine.

The Tejerina Foundation was established in 1998 within the Center for Breast Pathology and with a clear philanthropic and patronage commitment. Itis currently an indisputable reference in the field of cancer research and, especially, to fight breast cancer, in addition to be a forum for discussion, debate, and promotion of high-tech research projects, not only in the field of breast pathology but also in the health and life sciences, law, bioethics, and medical humanities.