With the passage of time and other factors such as pregnancy, weight loss, or gain, and loss of skin elasticity, the chest may decrease in volume and descend, causing flattening of the upper part and sagging of the chest.

The goal of mastopexy or breast lift is the elevation of the chest to improve the shape and position of the breast to achieve a more youthful appearance. The breast lift can be performed with or without silicone breast prostheses, depending on the characteristics of the breast and the patient’s wishes.

Frequently asked questions mastopexy

How is a breast lift performed?

The main objective of a breast lift is to rejuvenate and improve the shape of the breast. During surgery, repositioning of the descended tissues is performed in order to modify the contour and position of the breast to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Is the first visit important?

The first visit is essential because the possible surgical indication will be explained according to your wishes for improvement, the procedure to be followed, and the means to achieve it.

When is it convenient to use a prosthesis associated with a breast lift?

When the volume of the breast is small and we want to increase and improve the shape of the breast at the same time, we place breast implants. The size and shape of the implant will be advised in one of the various pre-procedure consultations.

When can we see the results?

The result is practically immediate. The improvement of your appearance will be noticed progressively, as the shape of your breast strengthens, your satisfaction will be greater.

What scars are left?

Depending on how much the breast needs to be lifted and its volume, the scars may be different. They may be located only around the areola, vertically, or in an inverted T shape. These scars, as time passes and with the postoperative treatment that we indicate, will be barely noticeable and hidden by lingerie and swimwear. We will indicate the fundamental aspects so that the quality of these is the best possible.

How long will the result last?

Through mastopexy, we will achieve greater firmness of your breast so that they will descend at a much slower rate than before surgery.

Sometimes we must use breast implants to fill the upper poles. It is in these situations that the result is even longer lasting.

At what age is it appropriate to consider surgery to elevate the breast?

Age is not a determining factor for this breast lift surgery. Therefore, it can be treated as soon as the development of the breast is completed at 17 to 18 years of age, in case of having sagging breasts.