The appearance of dark circles and small bags on the lower eyelid is a crucial feature in comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment. Its correction provides a much fresher and more youthful look, although many patients prefer not to treat this trait for fear of surgery, since until recently, the only really effective technique was blepharoplasty.

Today, there are ambulatory techniques that allow this correction to be carried out efficiently and safely, by filling with hyaluronic acid at certain strategic points.

Hyaluronic acid is a very safe product and is handled daily in cosmetic medicine offices for many treatments: filling wrinkles or nasolabial grooves, lip remodeling, BioPlasty, deep hydration of the skin… It is a macromolecule that we find naturally in many tissues (not just in the skin) and fulfills the important mission of capturing a large amount of water to keep the dermis hydrated.