Hybrid reconstruction remarkably improves the final results of breast reconstruction. It is a combination of prosthetic and autologous reconstruction using the patient’s own fat (Lipofilling).

The fat is obtained through liposuction (it can be obtained from the thighs, abdomen, or inner side of the knees) and is used on the breast to improve the shape and quality of the skin, thus improving mammary reconstruction.

“Hybrid reconstruction is the combination of both techniques”

Hybrid reconstruction indications

Before prosthetic reconstruction, the surgeon may use fat at the mastectomy site to increase tissue thickness and improve the quality of the subsequent reconstruction. Fat grafts improve the color and quality of the skin in patients who have received radiation therapy.

During prosthetic reconstruction, lipofilling is a fundamental complement to improve the shape of the breast and the quality of the skin.

After prosthetic reconstruction, the fatty filler will help correct small irregularities in the reconstructed breast, providing soft tissue that covers the implant in order to achieve a more natural result.

Advantages of the technique

The procedure is minimally traumatic and is often performed under local anesthesia and sedation and on an outpatient basis, without the need for hospitalization. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to perform more than one session for an optimal result.