Sometimes, you may feel discomfort during your daily activities,while practicing sports, or even during intimate relationships.

Today, we have various procedures to repair and rejuvenate the genital area allowing for a solution to these problems.

The lack of development of the labia majora can be corrected by lipoinfiltration of the labia majora. Adipose tissue is obtained from nearby locations where there is excess fatty tissue.

The labia minora may undergo variations in both shape and size. These alterations may be caused by an excess of development at puberty, secondary changes, or age. In these cases, a remodeling and reduction of the labia minora,called a “labiaplasty”, can be carried out.

The passage of years can cause relaxation of the normal tone of the soft structures that make up the pelvic floor. This relaxation can be corrected by narrowing the vaginal canal for vaginal rejuvenation.