“We believe in individualized diagnosis, tailored for each patient. The best treatment is undoubtedly the initial diagnosis”

Creemos en el diagnostico individualizado, a medida para cada paciente

The early diagnosis of cancer improves cure figures, so we believe that the main efforts should be directed toward obtaining techniques and procedures that allow us to carry out a diagnosis as early as possible.

Periodic and routine check-ups by mammography in asymptomatic women allow us to advance in time, and thus make earlier diagnoses, before the patient palpates the lesion.

The different imaging tests available today must be applied in a specific order and individually, depending on each case – what we call “custom diagnosis”.

There has been a breakthrough in cancer imaging methods during the last 30 years and the Breast Pathology Center has always been at the forefront of technology, as pioneers, and responsible for introducing new technologies in our country, such as digital mammography, three-dimensional ultrasound, tomosynthesis, and contrast mammography.

In 1997, we started Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery (MIRS) for the histological study of non-palpable lesions radiologicallysuspicious of malignancy, with the first device used in Spain and one of the first in Europe.

In June 2000, we incorporated the first Digital Mammographydevice in Spain into our center. This technique has contributed to the improvement of image quality, allowing for the detection of small-diameter initial lesions that are increasingly frequent in asymptomatic situations.

Subsequently, in 2010, we introduced the first Mammography with Tomosynthesisdevice in Spain. We have also recently pioneered the use of ContrastMammography-Tomosynthesis.

Being at the forefront of technology has involved a great effort on the part of the Center, and a commitment from the professionals who work there, although the result is a set of updating, excellence, and precision whose ultimate goal is the patient.

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