Once the desired volume and shape of the breast has been achieved, the nipple-areola complex (NAC) is reconstructed. The shape and volume achieved are as important as the general appearance and symmetry of the patient’s chest. While awaiting reconstruction of the nipple and areola, an external areola and nipple prosthesis can be used, which is available in various sizes, colors, and nipple projection to achieve greater naturalness.

We can reconstruct the NAC using various surgical techniques, a tattoo, or 3D micro pigmentation.

The surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia, lasts about an hour, and the postoperative period is simple and painless. The reconstructed nipple will not have the erogenous sensation, nor will it react with the stimulation of touch or cold, but its creation will achieve the final touch that will bring naturalness to breast reconstruction.

The areola is reconstructed using a skin graft from another area of ​​the body (generally the groin, where the skin is darker), leaving a minimal scar that goes unnoticed or the areola can be tattooed. Reconstruction of the areola and nipple by means of a 3D tattoo achieves the three-dimensional effect. The tattoo has the advantage that it is performed without having to go to the operating room and it is enough to apply an anesthetic cream to avoid feeling discomfort during the procedure.