“Our goal is to improve the body image of women so that they regain self-confidence”

Breast cancer surgery can physically and emotionally modify a woman. We aim for her speedy recovery and we do everything possible so that the patient recovers a physical and emotional situation similar to what it was before the treatments. Hence, whenever possible and if the patient wishes, perform breast reconstruction in the same surgical act.

One in 10 women can face the reality of breast cancer throughout their lives. A mastectomy can lead to physical and mental alterationsin patients due to the loss of a breast. Fortunately, breast reconstruction is now considered an integral part of breast cancer treatment.

The main objective of breast reconstruction is to improve a woman’s body image, regain self-confidence, and thus improve her quality of life. We understand that the most important thing is to cure cancer, and then preserve or rebuild the breast after cancer surgery.

Although oncoplastic techniques have increased the percentage of cases in which the breast can be preserved, mastectomy continues to be indicated in 30 to 40% of cases.

Frequently asked questions 

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction allows the volume and shape of the breast to be restored, so that it acquires a similar appearance as before.

Our goal is to create a beautiful and well-proportioned breast for all women who must undergo a mastectomy.

The plastic surgeon will explain the different reconstruction options and, taking into account each individual case, will inform and support you when making a decision.

When can the breast be rebuilt?

Breast reconstruction can be performed in the same operative act, after performing the “immediate reconstruction” mastectomy; or it can be done at a later time (“deferred reconstruction”).

Both the timing and the type of reconstruction will depend on the conditions of each woman and the necessary cancer treatment.

What is immediate breast reconstruction?

Immediate reconstruction is performed during the same surgical procedure, after the mastectomy. It can be completed in one or two phases.

Immediate reconstruction in one phase:

It consists of the placement of a definitive prosthesis in the same operative act. In some cases, an expander prosthesis can be placed or reconstruction with the patient’s own tissue can be chosen (autologous).

Immediate reconstruction in two phases:

It consists of positioning a tissue expander in a second procedure after performing a mastectomy, to replace the expander with a definitive prosthesis. Autologous tissue reconstructions may require a second phase to complete reconstruction.

What is deferred breast reconstruction?

Facing a diagnosis of breast cancer is difficult. There are women who prefer to wait some time to decide on their reconstruction options in the future,while others do not want to undergo more surgeries that are not strictly necessary for prognosis.

Deferred reconstruction is performed during a second procedure after oncological surgical treatment of the breast. It can be carried out even when years have passed since the oncological operation, regardless of the type of previous surgery.

What is the ideal breast reconstruction for me?

“It is important to define the objectives and reconstruction options to establish an individualized strategy”

Each woman is unique, and height, weight, and breast type and shape, as well as theoncological aspects and the patient’s expectations, must be taken into account when determining which will be the breast reconstruction in each case.

It is essential to have one or more visits with the plastic surgeon to resolve all concerns and to determine the ideal reconstruction for each woman.

What types of breast reconstruction are there?

There are several alternatives to rebuild a breast. Each technique has its indications. The choice will depend on many factors, such as the patient’s health status, lifestyle, breast shape and size, skin type and quality, and the need to complete other oncological treatments, depending on the characteristics of the tumor biology.

You can choose to have a prosthesis or tissue from your own body, such as skin, fat and muscle, or a combination of both (hybrid reconstruction).

We understand that each woman is unique and, therefore, the type of reconstruction will be decided in a personalized way. This is the only way to achieve satisfactory long-term results.

When are the areola and nipple reconstructed?

Reconstruction of the areola and nipple is considered the final phase of reconstruction, and it is performedoncebreast reconstruction is completed.

How are both breasts made to look alike?

Symmetric surgery of both breasts is recommended to make the healthy breast resemble the reconstructed breast. These procedures may include breast reduction, breast lift, or breast augmentation.

Alternatives to breast reconstruction.

If you decide not to have breast reconstruction, it is possible to find a balanced silhouette with the use of an external prosthesis. These prostheses are generally made of soft silicone gel, are flexible to the touch, and have a weight and volume almost equivalent to the contralateral breast.